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Tap into the power of spatial computing to solve your toughest problems


Executive Briefing Centers

The Advanced Technology team has delivered innovative architectural scale spatial computing solutions to Fortune 100 customers implementing Executive Briefing Centers, Command Centers, Television studios and Virtual Wargaming environments.

Create at Scale

Our tools and processes help your team author and deploy room-scale interactive content. We help designers, creative agencies, or marketing personnel create interactive 2D experiences across arbitrarily large 2D and 3D display surfaces.

What We Do:


disruptive products with a distinct competitive advantage


with an intuitive interface at architectural scale


seamlessly in a fully immersive, dynamic environment


with any of your existing systems for ultimate fluidity

assert your place on the leading edge of innovation

Whether you want to create a bold product that opens new revenue streams, or unearth answers to challenging enigmas, or simply tell your story in captivating visuals, our team is here for you. Together, we push the technological limits to yield endless aha moments for you and your stakeholders.


Combined Years
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Star Trek and
Ted Chiang fans

No one else can give you the power of our exclusive g-speak operating environment. The g-speak platform makes it possible for applications to span multiple screens, systems, and surfaces, plus it can tackle gestural (and multi-modal) input with ease. So pixels can move around the room—or from room to room—without boundaries. It allows our programmers, or yours with our stand-alone platform option, to gracefully express behaviors in time and space, and write single applications that are fully scalable to fit any environment.

Space matters

Big data needs big space. We mean large physical space, with interaction at architectural scale, that allows you to zoom in to see the tiniest minutia, and zoom out to understand the whole without losing context. Large digital spaces can handle, process, and present millions of data points meaningfully, or simultaneous information feeds from countless sources. With a powerful mix of space and capability, you can spread out relevant information simultaneously—anything from video, to web content, to 3D images, and beyond. Your grand vision needs a grand canvas. We help you actualize both.

The 3i experience

Interactive, immersive, integrated—these three I’s are at the heart of every solution we build. They’re basic tenets embodied in our groundbreaking 3D design approach that creates exhilarating experiences like no other. More importantly, they converge to create the environment you need to solve real challenges in record time.

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