Oblong was founded in 2006 with the goal of delivering a better human-computer interface.

We are a company of designers, programmers, hardware engineers, and problem-solvers applying human-centered design principles to a full stack approach of technology development. We are working on the most interesting thing we can think of, which is how to make computers more flexible, capable, useful, interactive, and empowering for humans working together on the advancement of business, government, education, and culture.

Our products and solutions are built on the foundational work of Oblong co-founder John Underkoffler, a pioneering researcher into spatial computing at the MIT Media Lab. John was plucked from academia by Hollywood’s A-list to envision the future of human-computer interface for films such as Minority Report, The Hulk, and Iron Man.

Through these films his work has been amplified and influential to a generation of developers, earning him a National Design Award in 2015 and more than 1.5 million views for his TED Talk. Oblong’s computing systems are, famously, gestural systems. But they do much more than simply allow users to point and gesture to interact with computers. (And, in fact, gestures themselves are optional.) These are spatial, networked, multi-user, multi-screen, multi-device, multi-location computing environments.

Here's John Underkoffler at TED talking about the technology.

Oblong has created a core technology platform that enables applications to be developed that run across multiple screens and multiple devices. Our customers use the platform to solve big data problems, to collaborate more effectively, and to go from viewing pixels on a single screen to interacting with pixels on every screen.

We're transforming computing from a one-person, one-screen, one-device experience to a fully shared and interactive experience. We're the only company that brings together all your screens, streams, and devices into a unified environment. We're also the only company to combine data presentation and analytics capabilities with collaboration capabilities, enabling you to turn big data into insight and intelligence.

Our flagship product is called Mezzanine. It brings data sets, workspaces, and communication channels to life across multiple screens in multiple locations. It allows interaction from a number and type of input devices simultaneously, including touch screens, phones, and tablets. It frees users from sitting in one place, tied to one device, and enables the free flow of teamwork where collaborators can access, share and control content on a fluid visual canvas all at once. Mezzanine scales up to support the most immersive and commanding innovation centers; across to link labs, conference spaces, and situation rooms; and down for the smallest work groups.

Leave it to Spencer Kelly at BBC Click to better explain

Oblong is headquartered in Los Angeles. We work with Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and universities around the world. Our customers include Lockheed Martin, Under Armour, Ford, IBM, Blackrock and more.



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