Mezzanine Features

Mezzanine's versatility and flexibility allow leading companies to utilize our product in different ways that make an impact on businesses bottom line.

Unite Distributed Teams

Connect teams and get everyone on the same page.  Meeting participants all share the same visual workspace so they can perform like they are in the same room. Everyone in every location can add content and steer the conversation at any time so teams are motivated to participate.

Empower Remote Workers

Distributed teams perform better when remote workers can see everything that’s going on and have an equal seat at the table.  Remoters can join from their browser and see the same content as in-room participants.  They can share their screen, and even upload and present content on the workspace when situations demand.

Visualize Your Options and Outcomes

Mezzanine is a visual workspace that spans multiple displays so all the information you need is in sight and on hand. Drag and drop your content for side by side comparisons, cross-referencing, and clustering by similar themes.  You have plenty of space to see the big picture and the finest details.

Synchronize Physical and Digital Workspaces and Workflows

Start meetings and synchronize content from Slack and Webex Teams with Mezzanine.  Meetings start more quickly and content flows across your virtual and physical workspaces.

Share Your Work
With Others

Download Mezzanine Screencast and wirelessly share your screen or plug-and-play with HDMI cables at the table.  Upload images and slides to visualize graphics alongside connected devices.

Connect Quickly
and Easily

Mezzanine works with your existing video conferencing and collaboration solutions so teams can join meetings with the tools they use every day.  Use Cisco and Polycom systems for video calls, including Skype for Business meetings.  Schedule Mezzanine sessions with Microsoft Outlook and start collaborating instantly.

Capture Ideas Instantly

Save images of the screen or the whiteboard and make sure good ideas don’t get lost.  Download meeting content as PDFs or images to reference or share after the meeting. Store and secure your meeting content so you can easily pick up from where you left off.

Mezzanine works seamlessly across distance

Unite your distributed workforce in a shared workspace that builds trust, deepens engagement, and increases productivity.

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