Briefing Centers

A space that delivers impact, deepens engagement, and brings in new information in real-time as the dialogue with your customer evolves.

Industry leading companies are leveraging Oblong’s technology to create unmatched immersive and interactive environments for communicating information whether to customers or critical response teams. Let us truly elevate your briefing and command center too.

Boundless Interface

Oblong’s portfolio of products makes it possible for applications to span multiple screens, systems, and surfaces, along with gestural (and multi-modal) input.

pixels can move around the room, or from room to room, without boundaries.

gracefully express your message in time and space, through unique applications that fit any environment and are fully scalable

Planning and Deployment

We can recommend the right solution for your briefing or command center, whether integrating a Mezzanine system or developing custom g-speak™ applications. We’re ready to help you realize your vision on time and within budget.

whether designing from scratch or evolving an existing space, our talented engineers can help you architect a technology solution best suited to your needs.

Unmatched Uptime

Years of experience deploying world class spatial computing environments in executive briefing centers, command centers, and broadcast studios has taught us a thing or three about the importance of quality, robust experience and best practices for deployment and maintenance of resilient, performant software packages.

we’ll ensure you get the most out of your space with minimal downtime.

Space Matters

Big data needs big space. We mean large physical space, with interaction at architectural scale, that allows you to zoom in to see the tiniest minutia, and zoom out to understand the whole without losing context.

With a powerful mix of space and capability, you can spread out relevant information simultaneously—anything from video, to web content, to 3D data structures, and beyond.

your grand vision needs a grand canvas. we help you actualize both.

Immerse yourself in a true spatial operating environment

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Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology Group

Tap into the power of spatial computing
Advanced Technology


Learn more about Oblong’s SDK which enables the development of multi-user, multi-screen, multi-device, spatial, distributed applications.
Advanced Technology

Executive Briefing Centers

Partner with our Advanced Technology Team to create immersive and interactive environments for your briefing or command center.