Mezzanine In Action

Our customers rely on Mezzanine to drive better business outcomes.  Explore Mezzanine in action to learn how multi-stream collaboration increases knowledge access and discovery, enables more effective ways of working, and enhances teamwork and engagement.

Mezzanine by Industry

Digital Business Consulting

Consulting firms are increasingly helping established companies transform their operating models to achieve competitive advantage in the digital age. Deploying Mezzanine helps accelerate transformation and innovation for their clients.

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Federal Agency

Make faster data-driven decisions with a Common Operational Picture (COP) and assure that mission-critical collaboration can take place 24/7 with a Mezzanine enabled room.

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Financial Services

Mezzanine unleashes a new era of collaborative work for financial services firms helping to maximize financial performance and provide more meaningful ways to interact with high net worth clients and institutional investors.

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With the advancements in modern medicine, healthcare professionals need to be equipped with workspaces that enable the seamless flow of information. This is the future of work in healthcare, and it is here now with Mezzanine.

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Marketing and Advertising

For marketing & advertising agencies in the 21st century, the most creative solutions and the very best work all hinge on collaborative effort. Mezzanine improves this effort across the board.

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Oil and Gas

Collaboration within the energy sector is critical throughout all stages of exploration production and distribution. Mezzanine improves operational effectiveness through true visual collaboration.

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From enhancing R&D activities to better coordinating global product launches, key features and functionality within Mezzanine help pharmaceutical companies move drugs through the pipeline more efficiently.

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Mezzanine by Specialty

Data Visualization

Mezzanine allows your organization to bring its data and business intelligence applications into focus, see the big picture, and start making better decisions—immediately.

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Executive Briefing Center

Discover how Mezzanine helps increase the probability of sale, accelerate the sales cycle, uncover upsell opportunities and strengthen customer relationship in your briefing center.

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GIS Data Visualization

To make better, data-driven decisions, corporations use Mezzanine to visualize geographical data at human-scale and interact with it collaboratively as a team.

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Integrated Design & Manufacturing

Mezzanine helps drive innovation and bring products to market throughout design, specification, engineering, build, manufacturing, and delivery.

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