Enhance the Cisco Meeting Room experience with Multi‑share  

Oblong’s Mezzanine is fully integrated with the entire portfolio of Webex Room video devices. From the Room Kit, Kit Plus and Kit Pro to the Room 70 dual, users can now share multiple streams of content from any device and all at the same time.  10X your sharing power.  Users can wirelessly share up to 10 live streams of data so that local and remote team members are all on the same page, maximizing teamwork.

Mezzanine makes Cisco
meeting rooms more engaging

Because users now have 10x the sharing power as a normal Cisco meeting experience, they need a better way to interact with all that content.  Mezzanine’s gesture-based user experience turns boring local and remote meetings into dynamic collaboration experiences.  Easily move and resize data on screens ,naturally, without getting up from the table and without having to learn a new application.  

Bridge your Cisco Webex Teams spaces and meeting spaces to resolve the toughest problems faster..

Oblong’s Mezzanine can be fully integrated into the Cisco Webex Teams’ solution making it simple to move from virtual team spaces and physical meeting spaces.  Mezzanine’s Webex Teams’ “bot” also synchronizes data between Teams and Mezzanine making it easy for users to see and share all data simultaneously allowing them to make the best possible decisions for their team.

Webex Boards are the perfect companion to your Mezzanine enabled Cisco Meeting Room

Webex Boards are a powerful content creation tool.  The board can be added as an additional screen in a Mezzanine enabled Cisco meeting room to allow users to move content to the board and annotate on content shared through Mezzanine using the board’s native tools. Additionally, the board’s whiteboarding application can be shared through Mezzanine giving everyone access to the whiteboard.  

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