Transforming the Meeting Paradigm with PwC

PwC launched its Delta Room in Paris, a next-generation meeting environment that is transforming the way the have meetings.

PwC’s consulting mission is to reduce complexity. The Mezzanine solution provides the optimal setting for insights to emerge from spontaneous side-by-side thinking with the client. Through the unique Infopresence experience that Mezzanine delivers in the Delta Room, meeting participants move and organize information across an immersive digital workspace in a number of ways, including gesture, touch tablet, and PC. Seamless viewing and nonlinear, simultaneous manipulation of many possibilities inspire transformational leaps in the way work gets done.

The Challenge

We’re in the age of digital transformation, and PwC in Paris needed to stimulate ideation and accelerate decision making as they guided their customers through this process. PwC sought to differentiate itself by driving co-creation with its clients of everything from strategy to implementation. Creativity was becoming a critical component of the audit and consulting profession.

PwC’s consulting mission is to reduce complexity. They’re at their best when they can facilitate the right conditions for an insight to emerge from spontaneous and side-by-side thinking with the client.

Their Experience Center strategy is to merge the physical and virtual worlds, provide labs to experiment, immersion rooms to debate, and electronics workshops for ideas to be actualized.
The Delta Room provides the initial acceleration. Upholding PwC’s reputation as a global visionary, no one mistakes it for an ordinary enterprise conference room. Guided by an understanding of both architectural and emotional spaces, its floor-to-ceiling windows admit subdued light from a pastoral setting to a colorful fireside. But the pièce de résistance needed to be an advanced collaboration tool that inspired in-room and remote participants to converse and debate.

“The room makes people feel emotions. They become so deeply involved and committed.”

Gabrielle Mendes
Marketing & Communications Director
& Chief Digital Officer
PwC France & Afrique Francophone

The Breakthrough

PwC staff were accustomed to PowerPoint with conventional video conferencing for remote participants, limiting their storytelling to a single source at a time and breaking people out of the “flow” during presenter changes. After hearing about Mezzanine and visiting one of Oblong’s showrooms, the team knew the groundbreaking Infopresence they’d experienced was just what their interaction with clients needed to enable productive co-creation.

Infopresence is the experience of being immersed as a group in content and data shared from the repository of our private workspaces—which include laptops, tablets, video streamed from a webcam, and mobile phones—onto a massive canvas.

PwC’s Delta Room encourages the side-by-side conversation they sought with three screens in a landscape configuration as the seamless digital canvas on which to share ideas and documents. Using one of Mezzanine’s intuitive wands, consultants and clients alike can move content, video, and images, zoom in and expand crucial elements, and add content from any device. All of this can happen simultaneously, transforming the experience from the restraint of one presenter to democratic control that allows everyone to be engaged. People address questions in real-time. The result, greater than the sum of its parts, draws attendees and ideas out of the silos of personal screens into a shared cognitive and physical space.  

The Result

The Mezzanine solution in PwC’s Delta Room has powered PwC’s creative leap from PowerPoint drill-downs to free-flowing conversations and stories; it is driving quantifiable results. The buzz created by PwC’s initial pilot release to a small group of users in October 2015 was such that it saw over 75 percent utilization in its first three months of availability. Utilization topped 90 percent upon release to the entire PwC Partner base in the next quarter. While most gains are in higher win rates and improved customer satisfaction, unanticipated internal productivity improvements add to the ROI. And finally, the most important KPI of all: people’s reactions as they enter the room, the photos they post, and the business cards they leave behind as they exit.


utilization in its first three months of availability.


utilization upon release to the entire PwC Partner base


Win Rates
and improved customer satisfaction

“Mezzanine is for us an evolutionary step in how we design meeting rooms for a fluid, side-by-side storytelling and collaboration experience.”

Mandeep Jawa Director
Emerging Workplace Technologies Strategy
&, PwC France & Afrique Francophone

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