Oblong Brings Immersive Collaboration to NASA Aeronautics

Oblong has equipped NASA Aeronautics with Mezzanine, our immersive collaboration solution. Mezzanine transforms meetings into visually immersive work sessions that delivers a heightened level of real-time collaboration.

Mezzanine is used specifically as part of the Transformative Aeronautics Concepts Program (TACP) Convergent Aeronautics Solutions (CAS) project to assist the CAS teams in merging traditional aeronautic discipline with non-aeronautic advancement to find new capabilities in commercial aviation.

“NASA embodies true innovation, and its TACP believes that basic aeronautics technologies can be revolutionized by allowing teams to work in dynamic environments. Our convictions are exactly analogous: Mezzanine was developed specifically to help innovators work together and solve problems difficult or impossible to address any other way. So we are honored to play a role in NASA’s breakthroughs. When meaningful collaboration generates inspired outcomes, the world is the beneficiary. NASA is the perfect place for Mezzanine to accomplish this mission.”

John Underkoffler
Founder and CEO of Oblong

10 Mezzanine systems installed across four NASA Aeronautics research centers

Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia / Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio / Armstrong Flight Research Center in Edwards, California, / and Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley’s Moffett Field, California.

For more information about NASA Aeronautics, visit www.nasa.gov/aero.

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