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The Visualization Lab at Auburn University

Oblong has revolutionized the classroom at Auburn University McWhorter School, where their new Visualization Lab incorporates ground-breaking technologies including Mezzanine from Oblong Industries and is reinventing the learning experience. The Visualization Lab features an immersive visual collaboration system which has had a dramatic effect on student’s learning—delivering huge improvements in team collaboration, productivity, and allowing students to experience their field in a way unlike any others.

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Auburn University
McWhorter School of Building Science


Education / Contruction

Study Highlights

– benefits of an immersive space
– increase in student engagement
– visualization at a large scale
– real-world construction applications

The Challenge

The faculty staff of McWhorter School of Building Science (MWSBS) at Auburn University were looking for a solution to transform teaching at the school, to better prepare students for the fast-changing professional environment. They needed leading edge technology to support and illustrate projects at scale (an essential component in architecture and construction) and they required a new way to enhance and improve collaborative problem solving, which is a critical enabler to prepare MWSBS students and distinguish them in the professional marketplace.

The Construction Visualization Lab at Auburn University

The Breakthrough

Powered by Oblong’s Mezzanine technology, the Visualization Lab delivers an immersive and ultra-connected workspace where students can gain a new perspective on construction plans and share ideas in an agile and collaborative way.  The dynamic multi-screen pixel-rich workspace commands attention when viewing information. Students interact with data and construction plans, physically manipulating information and images across interconnected screens. In addition, Mezzanine’s multiple modes of control, including the gesture-based wand, is ideal to command content in a social setting like the classroom.

"It’s a hugely impactful moment for [students] to be able to say, I understand now what that mechanical system looks like because I can see it, at almost scale, as opposed to just looking at a flat 2D set of plans."

Eric Wetzel, PhD
Assistant Professor
McWhorter School of Building Science
Auburn University

"[Mezzanine] is a tool that enables us to communicate both visually and in terms of data, is naturally going to prepare us to be better project managers in the future."

Emily Barge
Graduate Student
McWhorter School of Building Science
Auburn University

The Result

The students learn early in the program, how to work collaboratively in a dynamic team environment, to learn and solve problems—which is an essential skill in the professional world. They become experts in the type of technology that will give them a market-leading advantage when entering the competitive job market. MWSBS students have whole-heartedly embraced this new and dynamic learning experience, recognizing the benefits of learning and using this cutting-edge technology with their peers on a daily basis.

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