From Five Weeks — to Five Hours

Faster results and bottom line success for Mezzanine Customers: Holder Construction

Holder Construction is a commercial construction contractor responsible for complex projects including football stadiums and Silicon Valley corporate headquarters.

Every project Holder takes on passes through a 60 person preconstruction team dispersed across six offices. Given the volume and critical nature of their work, Holder was in need of a solution to help them work more collaboratively and more efficiently across distance.

The Challenge

They were restricted to one person, in one location, being the point in control and the sole source of content. Every location had content to share but they were forced to wait for their turn to contribute. As a result, meetings were inefficient as they would switch from one location and team member to another.

Holder Construction regularly used Skype for Business and Polycom endpoints for their meetings. They were able to schedule and start meetings, invite remoters to meetings, and it worked well when teams needed to communicate. When they needed to collaborate, however, they weren’t able to perform at their best.

We want a system that allows us to share multiple forms of information from multiple devices across multiple regions.

Doug Hunter
Executive VP, Preconstruction
Holder Construction

Holder's Office Locations:

_ Atlanta, Georgia
_ Herndon, Virginia
_ Dallas, Texas
_ San Jose, California
_ Charlotte, North Carolina
_ Phoenix, Arizona

The Breakthrough

Oblong worked with Holder to incorporate Mezzanine into their six regional offices. They could continue to use their Skype and Polycom systems for standard video calls, but now the systems were integrated into Mezzanine. Every location could now see, share, and work with each other, and their content, like they were in the same room.

The multi-display workspace gave them ample visual real estate to present and explore content. Screen sharing from multiple laptops and locations made it easy for them to bring the applications and tools they used every day into collaboration sessions. They could visualize content side by side and compare and cross reference pricing and value analysis options, schematics, and designs. With the restriction of one person as a point in control removed, they could truly work as one team and one company.

“The ability to use Mezzanine and bring everyone into one place, in real time, meant that it was a five hour effort as opposed to a five week effort.”

Chad Douglas
Director, Preconstruction
Holder Construction

The Result

The preconstruction team now operates much more efficiently. They are capable of delivering more projects, more quickly, than ever before. Meetings which used to require traveling from one office to another can now be accomplished remotely. Their teams are collaborating with clients in new ways, bringing applications into meetings and making adjustments in real-time.

The benefits extend beyond productivity gains. Doug Hunter, Executive VP, remarked, “The biggest impact, outside of just the efficiency, is the cultural aspect of it.” They are working differently than in the past, making their workforce feel more connected.

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