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The NXT Office is a futuristic presentation space in the heart of the JLL UK's London headquarters. It incorporates groundbreaking technologies designed to reinvent the customer experience, including Mezzanine™ from Oblong Industries. The award-winning NXT Office has had a positive impact on productivity, with decisions that would previously take numerous weeks and multiple meetings, now often taking just one hour.

The Challenge

JLL wanted a pioneering solution to reinvent the client journey and drive the property market of the future, with the capacity to share information, facilitate ideation, and drive quick decision making. The NXT Office is intended to accelerate the office shortlisting process, giving decision-makers an exact picture of the market landscape across one immersive, and impressive, viewing platform.

“The NXT Office technology was created to support clients in managing their location strategies and offers a digital journey that makes use of the latest technologies combined with exclusive data sets. Our key objective is to assist companies to make informed property choices through a quicker and simplified selection process.” - Richard Howling, Chief Operating Officer, JLL

The Breakthrough

Powered by our Mezzanine technology, the NXT Office offers an immersive and ultra-connected workspace where decision-makers can gain a new perspective on new office buildings and share ideas across teams in an agile and collaborative way. Mezzanine creates a visually immersive environment for teams to do their most important work. The dynamic multi-screen and multi-stream workspace commands attention when presenting information. NXT Office users are able to interact with data, physically manipulating information and images across nine interconnected screens with Mezzanine. The real estate search process has been completely disrupted and replaced with a dynamic and creative experience.

“Our NXT Office studio will completely transform the process of selecting new office space for clients. The time involved in moving from long-list to short-list will be cut dramatically as occupiers will have detailed access to available properties, of which they will be able to enjoy a guided virtual tour supported by pioneering technology.” - Neil Prime, Head of Central London Offices, JLL

The NXT Office was designed for clients looking for new commercial premises. It’s a seamless, all-encompassing workspace which considerably reduces the time that senior decision-makers spend searching for property and visiting locations.  According to JLL, the NXT Office delivers productivity with:

Full Transparency - By accessing the entirety of the office market via a single interface, the NXT Office user can view all the available property across a big visual canvas, take full control of research, and define the selection of property with unmatched autonomy.

Big Data - Because the choice of new premises should integrate multiple economic, social, and environmental factors, NXT Office is connected in real time to multiple intelligent databases. Users can put their research into perspective with market conditions, the quality of the environment, neighborhood dynamics, and accessibility criteria. Data sources are visible side-by-side thanks to Mezzanine.

A Visual Experience - Users can move freely within the selected buildings, totally immersed in the environment on an ultra-realistic virtual tour streaming through Mezzanine. This provides prospective buyers and renters with a full understanding of the quality of the property so that they establish a short-list of offices with confidence. 

The Result

Mezzanine, coupled with JLL’s databases, allows the company to present all real estate options in the capital to their customers with ease. Inside an hour selections can be made, saving clients a tremendous amount of time. The NXT Office experience includes a virtual tour of the properties and all relevant information for the client to enable him/her to make a faster decision. The launch of the NXT Office in London marks a key phase in the roll-out of this dynamic concept which is also successfully in operation at JLL’s Paris headquarters, also powered by Oblong’s Mezzanine. With this initial success, JLL is exploring the possibility of reproducing the NXT Office in other key locations.

"JLL’s approach to innovation is driven by anticipating the changing needs of our clients. Combined with the expertise and experience of our market-leading teams, NXT Office will present them with amore efficient and strategic approach to their real estate decision making processes. The NXT platform has enjoyed immense success in Paris, and is continuing to evolve across other parts of our business.  London continues to be one of the most dynamic and evolving property markets and NXT Office will enable us to showcase it to businesses in a whole new way.” - Richard Howling, JLL

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