Mezzanine in Action: The Mini-Summit

Team Oblong

Perhaps this has happened to you: 

You invite several people into your board room to make presentations, which will be followed by discussion and Q&A with your VIP audience. (Those C-suite execs for example.) Each presenter brings his or her own laptop and needs to plug-in to the conference room technology to share content. Wisely, you get there early and you’re prepared with every type of dongle connector you could get your hands on, and yet there is always SOMETHING that goes wrong: that one dongle you need is missing. Or by the time you can switch between presenters’ laptops your VIP audience has wandered off, killing the whole flow of your summit. Or you get down to Q&A, and someone needs to reference something one person said against something another person said, and it’s another ten minutes of trying to get back to that content. By the time that happens, the point’s gone missing and so has everyone’s attention. 


  • Presenters can connect wirelessly, or via a hardwired connection.

  • Multiple presenters can be connected at the same time from different devices.

  • Everyone’s presentation content is readily accessible to every connected device in the room, or even from other Mezzanine rooms connected to the session.

  • Conversation flow and audience attention is never derailed by the technology.

With Mezzanine, you can have a successful meeting with multiple presenters that stays on track. Suddenly you’re not just keeping everyone’s attention, you’re getting real work done. 

Contact us to schedule a demo of Mezzanine in Los Angeles, New York, Washington DC, Boston, Boulder, Barcelona, or Menlo Park. Coming soon to Chicago.

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