Los Angeles is a City of Makers

Jen Üner

From special effects and spaceships to food and fashion, Los Angeles is the capital of creativity and manufacturing in the country.

 More people are employed in manufacturing in Los Angeles than in any other city in the USA. In 2017, MAKE IT IN LA and the City of Los Angeles Mayor’s Office hosted a Maker Festival in partnership with businesses and organizations in the Arts District to celebrate LA’s status as a city of makers. And on May 31, 2019, the second celebration took place with Maker Walk LA which featured nearly two dozen self-guided tour stops throughout the district and an after-party with our neighbors at CommunityMade. We opened our doors to participants at both of these events to provide a peek behind the scenes on the technologies we build and the problems we solve for organizations around the world.

Visitors were invited to experience spatial computing at architectural scale in our warehouse lab with our giant interactive display wall, immersion room, ultrasonic and optical wands, and workplace collaboration tools. We’re most known for our flagship product, Mezzanine, which brings content-rich visual collaboration capabilities to conference rooms around the world. It’s built on our core technology, g-speak. We were swimming in it at the warehouse: Imagine abstract concepts taking shape in real-world space, controlled by simple gestures—all in service to solving complex business challenges. It’s not sci-fi. It’s what we build with our biggest customers who are creating disruptive products, navigating big unstructured data sets, or launching initiatives to better the world.  

Spencer Kelly of BBC Click captures it best when he calls it a vision of the future, writ large. And heading in the opposite direction we got to share our latest creation, Rumpus, writ small for your laptop but with big impact for virtual teams.

For the next Maker Walk we hope to see you there!

Explaining the gestural properties of the g-speak spatial computing environment to Maker Walk guests.
Our ideas will look familiar to fans of 'Minority Report'; our CEO served as chief science advisor on the film.
A peek at the intersection of three demo zones simultaneously.
Nick Righton explains the power of Mezzanine for enterprise collaboration globally.
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