Have you seen Webex + Mezzanine?

Jen Üner

By integrating Mezzanine with popular workstream collaboration products such as Cisco Webex Teams (formerly known as Spark), co-workers can move between the desktop workstream of a Webex Teams environment to a multi-user, multi-location, multi-stream Mezzanine meeting space with ease.


Mezzanine now unites virtual workspace applications with physical workspaces for more productive workflows. Teams rely on enterprise collaboration platforms to message co-workers, create project threads, and share data and knowledge. These platforms provide a shared virtual workspace for day-to-day work. But for those times when the team needs to escalate a project situation to a proper meeting, there is Mezzanine. Complex problems often require teams to visualize multiple data streams simultaneously and to engage with each other and each other’s content.

Mezzanine meetings are easily triggered in Webex Teams, creating a link between the Webex Teams space and Mezzanine. Any assets shared in either space are synchronized immediately so teams can easily access and utilize content that is shared after the meeting ends. Mezzanine delivers the ultimate collaboration platform to bridge the virtual and physical workspaces with a content-rich shared experience for stakeholders in the room, in connected rooms, and in remote locations. Everyone can contribute as equal participants in shaping decisions in real-time. 

 “In almost every business vertical, there is a need to escalate discussions into full-fledged meetings and gather stakeholders around critical information for decision-making,” said Oblong’s VP of Business Development, Steve Vobbe. “Clearly Mezzanine is ideal for these moments, and access to it is obvious when it’s embedded in the enterprise ecosystem. As a Cisco Solutions Integrator it was natural for us to unite Mezzanine with the Cisco ecosystem to maximize meeting engagement and outcomes.”

Justin Ramirez, Head of Global Business Development for Cisco Webex confirms, “We’re making it easier for our customers to understand it’s not Cisco solutions OR Oblong solutions, it’s Cisco PLUS Oblong to create the most productive and collaborative work environment.”

Mezzanine is a flexible solution that scales up to large architectural spaces with the Mezzanine 600 Series, and down to conference rooms and huddle spaces with the Mezzanine 200 Series. It’s perfectly suited to be the standard for content-rich, real-time collaborative work across the enterprise. Collaborators in all Mezzanine-enabled workplace settings can see and control all the content and data streams that are essential to the task at hand. By uniting the benefits of persistent messaging with immersive meetings, Mezzanine takes teamwork to an entirely new level.

Learn more about our work with Cisco platforms and solutions and schedule a demo to experience Mezzanine first hand in one of 16 locations worldwide.

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