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Forbes's Lori Kozlowski visited our LA headquarters recently to learn Oblong's vision of user experience in the future, writing that "Oblong has essentially transformed computing (and much of the workplace) from a one person, one screen, one device experience to a fully shared, interactive one." Not only did she discuss Oblong's vision of the future and our CEO John Underkoffler's role in shaping the technology vision for Minority Report and Iron Man, she explains the core value of our Mezzanine product:

"It gives democratic control of a meeting — meaning many different people can contribute at once, and work can be done at the same time.  Once regular meetings become creation sessions...It's easy to imagine the connective tool being of value to researchers spread across various parts of the globe, the science community, and creative agencies, alongside the corporate sector."

Read the entire Forbes article here and schedule your own personal demo of Mezzanine at one of our ten locations or at Infocomm in June.

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