Experience Mezzanine at Cisco IMPACT FY20 – Now On GPL

Team Oblong

Multi-share is the singular feature of Mezzanine that truly enhances the capabilities of the team. It provides collaborators the means to compare, contrast, and cross-reference content and data from multiple contributors in real-time and on the fly.

At Cisco IMPACT FY20 we invite all Cisco sellers, partners, and executives to experience first hand the transformative power of multi-share - access to multiple streams of content from multiple collaborators simultaneously - for teamwork. Multi-share is core to our flagship product for workplace collaboration, Mezzanine, which is now available on the Cisco Global Price List (GPL). Mezzanines listed on GPL (configured to maximize the utility of collaboration spaces large and small) sport a user interface that is at once familiar and new. This Cisco-first UI is designed to help users discover how easy it is to share content streams at the same time from multiple sources and locations.

Why does this matter?

First: take a step back to a moment in time, before everything was digital, when people had high-value, high-impact problems to solve. They would assemble in a single room, with reams of materials, and share them in visual fashion. They might call it a war room, a situation room, a boardroom, a conference space, a design lab, or a command center. These were spaces where materials were spread across tables and walls so that stakeholders could see them simultaneously and puzzle through the options side-by-side.

Now step into today’s reality: every problem is high value and high impact, but it’s mostly impossible to get all the key stakeholders in the same place at the same time. Time is truly limited. Cisco’s video conferencing tools do a remarkable job of bringing people together in real time with high fidelity audio and video wherever they are. So what is missing? It’s all of the materials and the ability to see them side-by-side. As we’ve gone digital, our information is now trapped on our individual laptops, available to the team in only a single stream at a time. The content and data and real-time information that stakeholders diligently tend and individually keep have had difficulty entering our collaborative meeting spaces with ease.  

Until now.

Mezzanine brings multi-share to the modern workplace so that it is easy to share multiple pieces of content side-by-side. And it’s now available for the entire portfolio of Cisco Webex Room Series devices. Add to that a flexible layout with the exhilarating ability to use gesture control to organize and emphasize content for maximum impact and Mezzanine is ready to set your business ablaze. That future we saw in Minority Report, or Iron Man? Yes it’s right here, right now.

At Cisco IMPACT we’ll show you how you can be the bridge that helps your customers unlock new potential and new productivity in FY20. We are expecting a very busy event in the Partner Hub and nearby showcase demo area so let us know when you’re available and we’ll suggest the best meeting time and place. If you have any questions reach out to us on Webex Teams at Ask Oblong, and be sure to join the chat stream at oblong.com/meetatimpact to connect with us on site. We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas.

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