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In June 2015, Fujitsu created the Open Innovation Gateway (OIG) in the Silicon Valley as a platform dedicated to advancing the implementation of innovative practices. The OIG spurs practical results, achieving growth with new businesses and social innovation, based on collaboration among thought-leaders and organizations from a wide range of fields. 

To help drive this innovation, Fujitsu has been using the immersive Mezzanine solution as the collaborative heart of the OIG. Through the unique Infopresence experience that Mezzanine delivers, on-site and remote teams from the OIG can simultaneously share information from any device. Meeting participants can gesturally move and organize this information across an immersive digital workspace, facilitating a flexible yet focused creative process that delivers the ideas and innovation that embody the OIG’s core mission. Fujitsu’s EVP—Head of Global Marketing, Hiroyuki Sakai, had this to say about Mezzanine.

Oblong’s Mezzanine system has become an integral part of our Open Innovation Gateway (OIG) in Silicon Valley. We are using it to communicate and collaborate with others inside and outside Fujitsu. It’s helping ideas connect, grow, and advance out into the world. Because we’ve experienced the powerful presentation capabilities Mezzanine offers, and the value of it as a powerful tool, we’ve decided to deploy a second Mezzanine to our newly opened Digital Transformation Center in Japan. Through the product Mezzanine, it became clear to us that the people at Oblong have thought hard about how people actually communicate and collaborate, and are working diligently to co-create the future of human interaction. We are delighted to be part of that journey.

Fujitsu is a shining example of an organization that is driving digital transformation and innovation by rethinking the way they work and collaborate. At Oblong Industries, we are thrilled with the results Fujitsu has experienced, and look forward to continue helping them bring the future of work to their business.

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