Creating iMPACT! at Inmarsat

Jen Üner

Dan Alldis knew he needed to take a radically different approach to customer engagement at Inmarsat. He envisioned an immersive meeting environment like no other he’d seen, and then he built it with Mezzanine. Mary Ann de Lares Norris met with Dan at ISE in Amsterdam to get the story.


Dan Alldis thought he’d have to do a lot of development work to create the immersive experience of the iMPACT! Room at Inmarsat’s London headquarters. For this new center of customer engagement, he’d set aside a “big chunk of money” to do the AV+IT development work himself, expecting it would be months of designing specs, organizing components, and writing code. He’d spread the word about the project to MBA-IT, an established technology solutions and service provider. They soon recommended Mezzanine to help with the task of linking all the pixels in the room. 

Dan scheduled a demo of Mezzanine at the London Shoreditch office, and was initially skeptical. He’d heard product hype before, and he didn’t think anything in the market was going to do what he needed, which was to unite the multiple surfaces in the room for high impact, enable multiple streams of content of several sources and types, and yet provide the flexibility required by the pitch process to allow for changes in story flow on the fly. 

Within 10 minutes of seeing Mezzanine for the first time, he knew he’d found the solution. Mezzanine is at its core a spatial computing application that makes multiple physical surfaces in a three-dimensional space (or linked spaces) easily addressable. For Inmarsat, tiled screens on multiple wall surfaces and a projection table top were unified as a multi-dimensional digital canvas for the most interactive and immersive storytelling environment. With Mezzanine, stories may be told in a more interactive and more fluid, non-linear way.

A picture paints a thousand words. A moving picture probably paints a million. And one that you can interact with? A billion. – Dan Alldis

Watch Dan describe this in his own words in this highlight reel from ISE 2018 or watch the full video interview with our own Mary Ann de Lares Norris, VP EMEA, here

Business unit leaders at Inmarsat are already finding benefit in this impressive new meeting room environment. Jose Pereira, Impact Developer at Inmarsat remarks, “We are excited by the benefits that iMPACT! is bringing to Inmarsat and there is already demand within the business from colleagues wanting to use the room and who see iMPACT! as a means of differentiation from our competitors, adding real value. Powered by Oblong’s Mezzanine, we’ve designed a flexible and scalable collaboration space that will support our requirements well into the future.” 

To learn more about Mezzanine and the uniquely powerful and flexible capabilities of this meeting room technology, schedule a demo near you.

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