Partner Deal Registration

Partner Deal Registration

Register Your Mezzanine Opportunity for Exclusivity and Additional Discounts

We are dedicated to working with our partners to bring superior team collaboration to the enterprise! By registering a potential opportunity with Oblong, we commit to working with you exclusively to ensure that we deliver the best solution to the customer. In addition, you will receive an additional discount on the Mezzanine products when the deal is won.

Complete the registration form to start the process today. An Oblong representative will be in contact within 48 hours to discuss the specifics of your opportunity and answer any questions.

Offer Details:
Opportunity must be net new to Oblong.
Opportunity will be reviewed and approved by the Oblong territory and channel management.
Initial customer demo/briefing must be within 30 days of registration.
Provisional deal registration will be granted up until the customer demo/briefing.
Deal registration will be awarded upon completion of the customer demo/briefing.
Deal registration will be valid for 6 months from the date of registration. 
Deal registration will be evaluated for renewal at that time.

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