Johnson & Johnson Research

Inspiring Research at Johnson & Johnson

Mezzanine Engages Your Entire R&D Team, Inspiring New Ideas and Higher Quality Decisions

The research teams at Johnson & Johnson are faced with extremely difficult decisions everyday to keep discovering and developing new healthcare products that will improve the human condition. You need an effective information-centric approach for real-time collaboration.

With Mezzanine you have an amazingly flexible and immersive digital canvas to be effective in all stages of your R&D process. From collaborating with your fellow researchers to presenting your finding to business leaders, your meetings become high-engagement experiences that deliver better outcomes.

The Infopresence Difference with Mezzanine

Mezzanine™ transforms your workspace into a visual panorama for the simultaneous display of images, videoconferencing, and screen-sharing from multiple devices and locations. This superior information-centric approach to real-time collaboration, known as Infopresence, engages your teams and maximizes productivity.

  • Share instantly from up to 10 devices simultaneously.
  • View all content and contribute from any location, in-room or remote.
  • Seamlessly operate and organize a flexible digital canvas with fluid, gestural controls.


How Mezzanine Will Inspire Innovation at Johnson & Johnson

  • Effective side-by-side analysis of data sets from all stakeholders.
    Mezzanine’s expansive digital canvas and multi-device content-sharing gives R&D and LOB teams the ability to examine critical details simultaneously.

  • Immediate and effective participation from all experts, regardless of location.
    By connecting rooms or patching-in remoters, teams can ensure all data is shared and all viewpoints are considered.

  • True engagement for your most important asset – your people.
    When the barriers to collaboration are removed, people are more likely to contribute information that they feel is relevant, and data begins to drive decision-making.

  Watch this video to see how Mezzanine inspires innovation at Fujitsu. 


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