Gartner Digital Workplace

Visual Collaboration in the Digital Workplace

Understand the Modern Workplace and Unleash Team Productivity

Oblong Industries Inc. is providing this report featuring Gartner Research to help IT leaders better understand how they can empower their employees through a digital workplace initiative known as visual collaboration.

The report highlights the Accenture Connected Analytics Experience of building a digital workspace. Along with understanding the Digital workplace landscape and how Mezzanine™ visual collaboration fits in. View insights from Smarter with Gartner and the top 12 emerging digital workplace technologies.

Empower your Enterprise with Mezzanine

  • Increase employee engagement

    Unlike traditional videoconferencing and collaboration systems, which require access controls and “passing the ball,” Mezzanine is immersive, interactive, and encourages concurrent collaboration and active employee participation. Anyone can participate at any time, deepening engagement.
  • Improve team contribution

  • Drive creativity and innovation

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