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Want to Learn More About Immersive Collaboration?

Mezzanine™ transforms ordinary meeting rooms into extraordinary problem-solving workspaces. Contact us to learn how you can experience an immersive digital workspace first hand at one of our global experience centers.

Mezzanine has helped clients in many ways including:

  • PwC closed multi-million dollar deals and improved customer experience by transforming client presentations into side-by-side client engagement.

  • Fujitsu spurred new business growth and social innovation based on collaboration among a wide range of thought-leaders and organizations both in Silicon Valley and across the Pacific.

  • IBM clients experience the power of IBM Watson cognitive computing via Mezzanine while internal teams use Mezzanine collaboration for everything from sales to IBM's Security Operations Center in Atlanta.

Watch how PwC is changing the meeting paradigm with Mezzanine: