BOGO Mezzanine Promo

Buy One Mezzanine 200, Get One Free

We are happy to announce our Limited Time Offer (LTO): Buy one Mezzanine 200, GET ONE FREE.

Offer Details

Only one BOGO LTO purchase per named/qualified account.

Opportunity is Net New to Oblong.

Partner to supply and install all peripherals and requisite connectors and cabling.

Partner provides front-line support for both systems; Oblong to provide second-line support to Partner.

1st year Support required for second system.

May not be combined with other offers, discounts or credits. Savings to be passed to customer.

Installation, travel, and living in North America or Europe apply to the first system only; separate fees apply for installation, travel, and living outside of North America or Europe.

Offer available April 1 through June 30, 2018

Get in touch NOW to express your interest in this limited time offer. An Oblong representative will be in contact within 48 hours to discuss the specifics of your opportunity and answer any questions. 

* Qualification criteria is based on account, opportunity, industry, region, and future outlook. Complete the registration form to discuss with an Oblong representative.

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