Automobile Industry Facilities

Transform How People Connect

Create a Data-Centric Environment for Your New Facility

New Automotive facilities require new collaboration technology to maintain a competitive advantage. Existing tools have proven insufficient at engaging the next generation of Millennial workers who demand fluid, natural interfaces for data-centric collaboration. By improving the flow of content and information, Mezzanine will help attract and retain the best new talent and develop a more engaging workplace.

With Mezzanine, every meeting participant can share insights and findings to all team members with equal, simultaneous access to an immersive digital canvas. Instant sharing of information is critical to unleashing the power of teams and allowing data to drive analysis. Mezzanine provides the next-gen tools that will help move the Auto Industry into the future of work.

The Infopresence Difference With Mezzanine

Mezzanine™ transforms your workspace into a visual panorama for the simultaneous display of images, videoconferencing, and screen-sharing from multiple devices and locations. This superior information-centric approach to real-time collaboration, known as Infopresence, engages your teams and maximizes productivity.

  • Share instantly from up to 10 devices simultaneously.
  • View all content and contribute from any location, in-room or remote.
  • Seamlessly operate and organize a flexible digital canvas with fluid, gestural controls.


How Mezzanine Unlocks the Collaboration Power of Your Workforce


Watch this video to see the full Mezzanine family for your new engaging workplace. 


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