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Accelerating Mobility Initiatives for Automobile Companies

Unify Your Distributed Teams to Inspire Mobility Innovation

In the rapidly changing mobility landscape, Automobile Industries are investing heavily in human and technological resources to create new and innovative offerings. Increasing the productivity of these employees, and helping them to leverage their applications and data more effectively is critical to the long-term success of these organizations. You need an effective information-centric approach to real-time collaboration.

With Mezzanine, teams can share insights and findings with equal, simultaneous access to an immersive digital canvas. This instant and flexible form of information-sharing is critical to unleashing the power of teams and maintaining your competitive advantage.

Mezzanine Delivers a Brilliant Infopresence Experience

Mezzanine™ transforms your workspace into a visual panorama for the simultaneous display of images, videoconferencing, and screen-sharing from multiple devices and locations. This superior information-centric approach to real-time collaboration, known as Infopresence, engages your teams and maximizes productivity.
  • Share instantly from up to 10 devices simultaneously.
  • View all content and contribute from any location, in-room or remote.
  • Seamlessly operate and organize aflexible digital canvas with fluid, gestural controls.


How Mezzanine Will Accelerate Innovation for the Automotive Industry

  • Concurrent multi-user interaction from all meeting participants.

    When everyone in a meeting change share content instantly, the borders to collaboration are eliminated and the speed of information sharing increases, leading to more productive meetings and a better use of time.

  • Seamless connection from any location, with access to the full set of content.

    By connecting rooms or patching-in remoters, everyone can see the full set of data and propose new actions accordingly.

  • Equal participation for everyone.

    All participants can share updates visually while team leads dynamically control the flow of information to keep everyone updated and actively engaged.

  Watch this video to see how Mezzanine can transform your operations.