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Elevate Collaboration for Aerospace, Defense, and Federal Systems Integrators

The Mezzanine solution by Oblong is the most effective solution to upgrade and modernize your aerospace, defense, and federal systems integrator collaboration infrastructure.

Mission-critical collaboration takes place 24/7 within aerospace, defense, and federal systems integrators. Yet over the last quarter century, collaboration tools have been sorely inadequate: single stream for single presenters means anything done together is accomplished slowly, serially, and thus less effective. This habitual and myopic approach risks leaving important information, prioritization, and relevance out of the conversation. Additionally, this dated paradigm also runs counter to how humans process information, absorb context and assess outcomes together. Where content and context are key, effective collaboration is critical.

Achieve COP: Make faster data-driven decisions with a Common Operational Picture

Save Time and Money: Reduce departmental travel costs, and get out more out of every meeting

Collapse the Distance: Bring distributed teams together in a shared digital workspace