AECOM Project Management

Improving Project Management and Coordination at AECOM

Mezzanine Connects all Stakeholders with Essential Information to Maximize Project Team Effectiveness.

When critical issues arise during project implementations, you need a war room to allow everyone to get up to speed immediately on the latest progress and activities. Mezzanine offers a digital canvas for multiple experts to share information simultaneously. Project leaders and all other stakeholders are updated in real-time with the schedule and critical issue report presented side-by-side. Bring all your important information together to discuss, analyze and act as a team.

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The Infopresence difference with Mezzanine

Mezzanine™ transforms your workspace into a visual panorama for the simultaneous display of images, videoconferencing, and screen-sharing from multiple devices and locations. This superior information-centric approach to real-time collaboration, known as Infopresence, engages your teams and maximizes productivity.

Share instantly from up to 10 devices simultaneously

View all content and contribute from any location, in-room or remote

Seamlessly operate and organize a flexible digital canvas with fluid, gestural controls

How Mezzanine Impacts Project Implementations

  • An immersive visual canvas to manage projects interactively

    Mezzanine’s expansive digital canvas and multi-device content sharing allows you to effectively visualize your complex structured and unstructured data, and engage the entire team during status calls.

  • United, real-time collaboration to make sure your entire team is on the same page
    By connecting Mezzanine rooms across locations or having remoters join via Mezz-In, project leaders can make sure everyone, internal or external, has the latest information and can plan accordingly.

  • Project war rooms for critical issue remediation
    Resolve major unplanned issues faster with all decision makers seeing and contributing to move the project forward. Team leads can dynamically control the flow of information using the innovative gestural wand, and take snapshots to make sure to insight is lost.

Watch this video to see how Mezzanine can unite your project teams.


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