Mezzanine Series

Mezzanine 200 Series

The Small Room Solution for Big Picture Thinking

Close the distance between working teams and their content. 

When teams need to make a decision, solve a problem, or respond to a situation, they do their best work when they are able to combine their knowledge and consider all of their options. The 200 Series brings multi-share collaboration to small and medium-sized rooms so teams can work with content from different locations and sources at the same time.

The Mezzanine 200 Difference

The 200 Series easily integrates with dual-screen video conference systems including best in class endpoints from Cisco and Polycom. The video call experience is transformed into a content-rich collaboration where everyone can share what they need to share, and see what they need to see, to maximize team building and knowledge sharing.

Whether you are seeking capabilities beyond standard video meetings or need to refresh your existing video infrastructure, Mezzanine 200 elevates the conversation.

Mezzanine 300 Series

Three Screens, Two Options, One Immersive Experience

Fill the room with all the content you need to perform at your best.

Getting the right people together with the right information is more challenging than ever. Teams are distributed across locations and information is scattered across multiple sources and applications. Mezzanine 300 features three displays, providing teams with an immersive sandbox for all of their content and data.

The Mezzanine 300 Difference

The Mezzanine 300 Series comes in two configurations. Spread your work across three screens at the front of your room, or use the third screen as a digital corkboard to extend your workspace to another wall. You can even integrate a Cisco Webex Board as a digital corkboard to add annotation and whiteboarding to your Mezzanine environment.

If additional displays are required to create a more immersive experience, Mezzanine 300 systems can be upgraded to a six-screen Mezzanine 600 configuration.

Mezzanine 600 Series

The Ultimate Collaboration and Presentation Solution

Over 49 million pixels are at your command.

Create an unparalleled immersive environment for collaborative work and customer engagement. Multiple streams of content are free to be placed anywhere on up to six ultra high definition displays. Deliver a powerful visual and interactive experience that can engage and impress teams far more than standard presentations can.

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The Mezzanine 600 Difference

Why limit your ideas to a single slide when you have an entire room at your disposal? Three digital corkboards give you the flexibility to customize your workspace. Combine them to make a single large surface or distribute them around your room based on your architectural or workflow needs.

If you want to captivate your audience, Mezzanine 600 is for you.



Mezzanine + Cisco Webex

Enhance the Cisco meeting room experience with multi-share collaboration.

Mezzanine In Action

See how multi‑stream collaboration drives results for your industry.

Mezzanine Tech Specs

Take a deep dive with complete technical specifications.