The Business Impact of Immersive Collaboration

Discover how teams realize a 226% ROI with Mezzanine. This commissioned study from Forrester Consulting provides an in-depth look at the real financial impact of the immersive collaboration solution, Mezzanine.


how Mezzanine’s digital workspace fully unites teams and their information across distance to improve internal workflow by ~20%.


how customers have improved sales win rates by 15-20% through the immersive and interactive experience delivered within Mezzanine.


total benefits of Mezzanine to potential costs and uncover why customers see a 226% ROI and 7.6 month payback period.

* The Total Economic Impact™ Of The Immersive Collaboration Solution, Mezzanine, a February 2017 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Oblong Industries.