Mezzanine + Cisco video solutions place content at the forefront of your meetings. Mezzanine enables multiple, concurrent pieces of content to be shared, manipulated, created, and captured across distance. When best-in-class communication and collaboration tools bring teams together, they come to conclusions and decisions more quickly, with more confidence.

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Mezzanine Series

Compatible with Webex Room Kit, Room Kit Plus, and Room Kit Pro

200 Series

Close the distance between working teams and their content.

300 Series

Fill the room with all the content your teams need to succeed.

600 Series

Deliver an impressive visual and interactive experience.

Experience Multi-Share

Multi-share collaboration is a new way to work, where interaction and content are first-class citizens in your video meetings. Unleash the power of your teams by enabling concurrent interactivity in a shared, visual workspace. Orchestrate multiple streams of content to encourage visual thinking and accelerate team understanding, communication, and recall. 

Mezzanine is Webex Ready

Deep integration with Webex Devices facilitates adoption for users. The Mezzanine user interface is consistent with the look, feel, and calling behaviors of Cisco devices so all users start from a place of familiarity.
Webex Devices also integrate with Mezzanine. Use the Webex Board as a digital corkboard to extend your workspace, annotate content, and whiteboard with your team.

Why Mezzanine?

Multi-site Collaboration

When teams and data are distributed across the world, it’s hard to get on the same page. Mezzanine makes it easy to get the right people, together with the right information, at the same time. You can truly collaborate like you’re all in the same room.

Data-driven Decisions

Teams can see and share multiple pieces of content, allowing them to easily compare and cross-reference different decision factors in real-time. Get to decisions faster, with more certainty.

Immersive Engagement

Capture the imagination of your audience by transforming your meeting from a presentation into a conversation. Use every screen to your advantage and surround the room with content and visually-rich experiences.

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