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Mezzanine is a visual collaboration solution for the enterprise. The immersive Mezzanine workspace spans screens, walls, and even locations. With the simultaneous display of images, videoconferencing, and screen sharing from multiple devices, you can easily work with everything you need. Presentations are more immersive, meetings are more productive, and collaboration is better than ever.

See What Everyone is Talking About

Brilliantly detailed content and rich visual engagement

Mezzanine surrounds the entire room with multiples streams of content. Fully immersive, fluidly controlled with the wand, Mezzanine is an impressive canvas that keeps teams engaged and visually informed.

Configure Your Workspace

Arrange your displays based on your environment and use cases. Emphasize presentation with single or multi-screen primary workspaces, or extend your workspace to additional walls with a variety of corkboard options. Explore some options.

Take Action, Not Turns

Control and contribute instantly from any device

Mezzanine supports BYOD and multi-participant control. Use your web browser and iOS/Android devices to contribute content and fully interact with the workspace—wherever you're located.

"When someone comes to your office to learn your vision of the future, it's crucial they feel like they've walked into the future, not the past."


CEO, Beats Music

Unite Your Teams

A truly democratic approach to collaboration

With Mezzanine, you can extend Infopresence™ and connect your teams in a common workspace. Your teams can add, view, and interact with content as if they were all side by side. Share the same workspace across multiple Mezzanine rooms—and get work done.

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