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Oblong Mezzanine Video

Mezzanine extends collaboration and videoconference technologies by turning telepresence into Infopresence™, improving distributed, parallel work processes by linking conference room locations and teams together across all devices, data, and content. Provide in house teams access to the most up-to-date information to collaborate without constraints and make faster, better, more informed decisions to reduce project timelines, while creating engagement that maximizes the impact of client presentations so you can win the room every time.

Infopresence: Collaboration Without Constraints

Mezzanine improves distributed, parallel work processes by linking locations and teams together with their tools and content. It’s the ability of team members to bring their devices and data together in a shared pane of glass – and it’s the end of geographic location as a barrier to collaboration.

Decisions Informed by Data

Leverage Your Existing Tools. Collaborate in Real Time. Decide in Less Time. Every participant in a Mezzanine session—whether local or remote—can display information to aid the decision-making process. Sharing in real time makes sure everybody has access to the most up-to-date information—helping teams make faster, better, and more informed decisions.

Captivate Your Audience

The Wow Factor: Now Standard on All Presentations. Mezzanine turns scripted presentations into adaptable, flexible conversations. A slide deck can transition seamlessly into question and answer sessions with video, demonstrations, and supporting content from the web and the cloud. Create engagement, maximize the impact of presentations, and win the room every time.

"When someone comes to your office to learn your vision of the future, it's crucial they feel like they've walked into the future, not the past."
Ian Rogers CEO, Beats Music Beats Music

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Understanding Visual Collaboration

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