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Mezzanine™ is a collaborative conference room solution that introduces multi-user, multi-screen, multi-device collaboration. This is next-generation communication: share any content from any device with anyone, anywhere.

Mezzanine transforms creative teamwork, executive meetings, and sales presentations into real-time, collaborative work sessions. Mezzanine expands on existing telepresence technology by providing what we call Infopresence™—the incorporation of multiple users, multiple devices, and multiple streams of information in the collaboration environment. The future of conference room collaboration is here.

A Mezzanine workspace lets any person on a network bring their own device and share content and applications with any colleague, anywhere in the world, interactively. Mezzanine is a collaborative conference room solution combining presentation design and delivery, application sharing, whiteboard capture, and video conferencing, all within a framework of multi-participant control.

Meet and work more efficiently
Support next generation work processes
Elevate the customer experience
Discover borderless collaboration



Mezzanine's technology transforms your workspace, allowing for:

  • Multiple users to bring their own device and share content across multiple screens
  • Mezzanine-to-Mezzanine multi-room shared workspace connectivity
  • Support for web browsers, smartphones, and tablets (iOS and Android supported)
  • Presentation control, on-screen content manipulation, and whiteboard capture via the wand—a spatially-aware input device
  • Control of connected laptops and their applications in the room via the wand and web browser
  • Compatibility with existing videoconferencing and telepresence infrastructure
  • Integration with any size screens, from affordable standard LCDs to high-end, edge-blended display walls.
  • Easy integration with enterprise authentication and cloud services.

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Mezzanine is helping organizations like Boeing, IBM, SAP, Booz Digital, and the Department of Defense to super-charge the work of collaborative project teams, including engineers, marketing experts, designers, software developers, and business analytics specialists. A Mezzanine room provides large amounts of screen real estate, flexible content sharing from multiple devices, and integration with whiteboards and telepresence infrastructure.

Whether in regular status updates in one location or in "follow the sun" distributed work, Mezzanine shared workspaces enable teams to communicate better, collaborate more effectively, and work faster.

Support next generation work processes


Decisions matter. Mezzanine accelerates outcomes in decision-oriented meetings.

Mezzanine brings together all of the evolving technologies of today's enterprise into a single communications space. Every participant in a Mezzanine session—whether local or remote—can present, share live content from laptops or mobile devices, and bring information in from the web or the enterprise cloud that aids the decision-making process.

Research from Annenberg School of Communications at UCLA and the University of Minnesota's Training & Development Research Center show that executives on average spend forty to fifty percent of their working hours in meetings. These meetings can, and should, be more productive. And being able to make informed decisions based on shared context makes a meeting more effective.

Mezzanine is the next-generation communications platform. By making meetings and working sessions more effective and higher-impact, Mezzanine helps multiple team members share and compare data to make informed decisions, quickly. Extending the benefits of the telepresence and video conferencing, Mezzanine reduces the need to travel for meetings by connecting disparately located users into a shared work session.

Meet and work more efficiently


Communicate, explain, impress. Mezzanine's immersive, large-screen environments maximize the impact of presentations, sales demonstrations, and executive briefing center engagements.

Mezzanine turns pre-scripted presentations into adaptable, flexible conversations. A slide deck can transition seamlessly into question and answer sessions with supporting video, deep-dive demonstrations, and supporting material from the web and the cloud. Remote experts can be brought in via telepresence and fully control the large-screen workspace, including slide decks, videos, and application screens.

Mezzanine creates engagement. Engagement leads to better conversations, deeper relationships, and higher conversion rates. With Mezzanine, you and your customers can make decisions in the moment and exchange critical information by integrating applications, content, and screens into one unified experience.

Elevate the customer experience

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