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Enable Your Workforce to Collaborate Like Never Before

Mezzanine by Oblong Industries

Welcome to your best meeting ever.

Mezzanine's state-of-the-art, 3D, visual collaboration platform gives your teams a huge competitive advantage. Mezzanine adds punch to presentations and a radical new perspective via a real-time, multi-screen, collaborative data-sharing environment.

Immerse Yourself in Infopresence

When disparate, complex sets of data become visible and accessible at once, you get the big picture and make better decisions. Only Mezzanine delivers Infopresence—the experience of commanding a dynamic, multi-surface, 3D, visual, and spatial environment that immerses you in live video, presentations, applications, and more.

Built to Engage

From its groundbreaking gestural interface to BYOD-friendly controls, every aspect of Mezzanine is designed to make everyone on your team empowered and engaged in the work at hand.

Configure Your Workspace

Arrange your displays based on your environment and use case. Emphasize presentation with single or multi-screen primary workspaces, or extend your workspace to additional walls with corkboards. Explore some options.

The Future of Work Means Wider Collaboration

Workers are inspired to collaborate better when they bring multiple devices and locations into a shared workspace. Oblong caters to an increasingly mobile workforce with Mezz-In, allowing remote participants to join from anywhere, on any device. Now, everyone can share, see, and contribute, as if they were in the same room.