Mezzanine 200 Series

For Teaming Spaces

The Mezzanine 200 Series is a dual-screen configuration for small-to-medium-sized rooms delivers advanced collaboration capabilities previously accessible online in large and exclusive meeting rooms. Mezzanine 200 may look like a standard videoconferencing system, but it does much, much more. Mezzanine’s best features—oncurrent viewing of up to ten shared devices, gestural interaction, and real-time control by multiple participants—are now available in a familiar form factor.

The Mezzanine Difference

Size and position multiple video streams and graphics from the comfort of your chair with the Mezzanine wand.
Use your web browser to add content or present a cursor on the workspace to direct your colleagues’ attention.
Annotate, control, and contribute from your mobile device.

Multi-Task with Mezzanine

Working sessions consist of multiple tasks, including knowledge sharing, content creation, and decision-making. Traditional video conferencing limits sharing to a single presenter at a time so meetings can only attend to a single task at a time. As result, meeting productivity declines when delays result from having to switch between speakers, devices, and activities. Mezzanine 200 enables multi-tasking in a conference room environment so multiple content streams can be viewed concurrently and everyone can participate.

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