Rumpus is a quantum shift in collaboration.

Rumpus brings Oblong's principles and expertise to virtual teams and removes the barriers and pain points specific to remote work.

Our vision for collaboration is to enable collective intelligence that can be applied to harder problems, address more sophisticated tasks, and arrive faster at solutions than any individual could manage alone.

Rumpus adds a new chapter to Oblong’s story. We addressed the challenges of in-room, room-to-room, and room-and-remoter collaboration with Mezzanine. As work becomes more and more distributed, collaboration tools have to support scenarios where the only room is virtual and everyone is remote. This is why we created Rumpus—to help virtual teams feel more connected and work better together.

From spatial computing environments, to our flagship product Mezzanine, we’ve brought this vision to life through the powers of multi-stream content sharing, of concurrent contribution and control, and of pointing, gesture, and spatial communications.

Real Focus for Virtual Teams

Rumpus makes it easy for teams to collectively focus on what matters most—the work at hand.

Multi-stream sharing

increases efficiency and knowledge sharing

Concurrent interaction

encourages everyone to be active participants

Non-verbal cues

enhance communications and social connections