Imagine being immersed in data instead of drowning in it.

Infopresense breaks free from the two-dimensional confines of individual computer and projection screens and comes alive, heralding a new era of visualized data and collaborative, immersive work.

Infopresence is the experience of being fully immersed in your content, where all of your critical information is shareable and visible by your teams:

Infopresence Allows:

Real time information

Infopresence connects multiple users, around the same table and around the globe, with visualized data and access to diverse sources of information sharing. Everything from documents, drawings and live discussions, to web content, whiteboard notes and video clips all there.

Fluid connections

Infopresence unifies multiple devices, systems and visual displays, so that all types of laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets can contribute, with bring-your-own-device (BYOD) flexibility. Every participant gets an opportunity to present, post, and contribute to data and information sharing.

Immersive experiences

When people and data come together simultaneously in an engrossing visual environment, teams begin to see problems in a new light. They efficiently contextualize, process and act on information collaboration, which leads to deeper understanding and better-informed outcomes.

Boost Creativity

Simple, intuitive gestures enhance and amplify communications by enabling dynamic discussions. Infopresence allows integration across multiple screens and surfaces and turns the room into a large, encompassing, digital panorama that's perfect for sparking fresh thinking and inspired innovation.

"Being able to demonstrate Watson technology with spatial computing and Infopresence has brought a powerful new dynamic to the way we work with clients. We wanted to bottle it and share it around the globe - and so we did."

Ed Harbour
Vice President, IBM Watson

Make decisions, create solutions, and engage teams more easily, quickly, and effectively than ever before with Infopresence.