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Mezzanine transforms routine meetings and workflows into agile, engaging experiences by making data more visible and accessible in a collaborative setting.

When multiple users, devices, surfaces, and sources of information get connected in a shared collaborative space, radically new ways of working together become possible, improving efficiency and increasing your competitive edge. Now, through Mezz-In, this Infopresence experience is available to everyone, everywhere.

Real-Time Collaboration for Virtual Teams

Collaboration in important meetings is all too often a disappointing struggle. With Mezz-In, you can give virtual team members the power to work together as if they were in the same room, whether they are on the road, or working from home. Workers can easily contribute content, control presentations, and converse from any location, in real- time. At last, collaboration can happen anywhere.

Increased engagement

For a modern workplace that increasingly allows employees to work when and where they want, Mezz-In enables remote employees to experience the flow of ideas they enjoy when they are working next to one another. That means your company can better attract and retain high-quality employees, and increase overall productivity.

Rapid Response & Decision-making

With Mezz-In, teams in the field and distributed subject-matter experts can be immediately connected to HQ with all the information necessary to assess and resolve an issue. From responding to a crisis situation, to addressing concerns during a customer presentation, Mezz-In shrinks the time it takes to resolve an issue from days to minutes.

Reduced travel requirements

The collaborative capabilities of Mezz-In significantly reduce the need for travel. When distance is no longer a barrier to fully sharing ideas and information, the costs of travel are no longer justified and businesses can significantly reduce expenses—savings that go straight to the bottom-line.

The Four Pillars of Mezz-In


You and your device are active contributors. Share your screen or upload content from anywhere.


Participate in the video conference from the convenience of your computer or tablet.


Mezz-In is, first and foremost, a content-sharing experience. See and hear exactly what is being shared by in-room and other remote participants.


Control the presentation and the conversation without pausing to ask colleagues to advance slides or confirm everyone is on the same page.



Mezzanine In Action

See how multi‑stream collaboration drives results for your industry.

Mezzanine + Cisco Webex

Enhance the Cisco meeting room experience with multi-share collaboration.

Mezzanine Tech Specs

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