Mezzanine in Your Enterprise

Mezzanine works alongside existing video conferencing solutions to enable multiple streams of content to be shared across distance.  When teams see, share, and work with all the information they need at once, they come to conclusions and decisions more quickly, with more confidence.

Secure Your Work

Oblong follows industry standard procedures for hardening the Mezzanine appliance including limiting the number of software services and disabling SSH access.  All network traffic is fully encrypted using TLS, authenticated by Oblong or third party certificates.  Data encryption at rest is also supported for some hardware configurations.

Mezzanine 200 — Logical Diagram

Integrate video conferencing systems from Cisco (SX Series, MX Series, Webex Room Kits),Polycom (Group Series), and Lifesize (Icon Series) with Mezzanine to enable content-centric collaboration.  View remote colleagues alongside shared devices from multiple locations.  API integration automates standard call functions including dialing, answering, and hang-up so users can easily connect and get to work.

Mezzanine Network Architecture

Administer Mezzanine from a secure web interface and configure network settings, peripheral devices, and access controls based on your needs.  Centralize monitoring with log forwarding and SNMP configuration.

Network configurations, permissions, peripherals, and enterprise resources can all be configured from the Admin Panel.

Data Sheets and Guidelines


Mezzanine options range from the 200 series, which brings multi-stream collaboration to dual screen rooms, and the 600 series for large spaces.  Deploy on-premises to connect rooms using your own network and infrastructure, or add Mezz-In, Oblong's cloud-based offering, to enable remote colleagues and external partners to collaborate from their laptops and desktops.

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