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Welcome to the Cisco Resource Center. Here you will be able to find useful documents, guides, images and videos related to Oblong Industries and our flagship product, Mezzanine.


Mezzanine Simplifies

Mezzanine delivers more capabilities with less complexity.
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Mezzanine + Webex Brochure

Explore the full range that delivers Multi-Share Collaboration
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Ordering Guide

CCW Ordering Guide v3.0
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The Case for Cisco + Oblong

Extending the Cisco meeting experience with content collaboration capabilities
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Partner Playbook

Mezzanine + Cisco video solutions place content at the forefront of your meetings.
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Mezzanine 200

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Mezzanine 200 Technical
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Mezzanine 300

Mezzanine 300 Technical Specifications

Mezzanine 600

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Mezzanine 600 Technical Specifications

Mezzanine in Action (Use Cases)

Oil & Gas Industry

Collaboration within the energy sector is critical throughout all stages of exploration production and distribution. Mezzanine improves operational effectiveness through true visual collaboration.
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Marketing Agencies

For marketing & advertising agencies in the 21st century, the most creative solutions and the very best work all hinge on collaborative effort.
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Integrated Design

Companies that push innovation and collaboration throughout the product development cycle and entire value chain will realize significant competitive advantages
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Healthcare Industry

With the advancements in modern medicine, healthcare professionals need to be equipped with workspaces that enable the seamless flow of information.
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Financial Services

Mezzanine unleashes a new era of collaborative work for financial services firms helping to maximize financial performance
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Executive Briefing Centers

For corporations with large briefing centers, visual collaboration is key for operational effectiveness.
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Digital Business Consulting

Read how Mezzanine helps accelerate transformation and innovation for clients digital consultants.
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Distributed Manufacturing

Manufacturing has always demanded a high level of collaboration among designers, engineers, materials and other partners.
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Federal Agency

Make faster data-driven decisions with a Common Operational Picture (COP) and assure that mission-critical collaboration can take place 24/7 with a Mezzanine enabled room.
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Oblong’s Mezzanine is fully integrated with the entire portfolio of Webex Room video devices. From the Room Kit, Kit Plus and Kit Pro to the Room 70 dual, users can now share multiple streams of content from any device and all at the same time.  10X your sharing power.  Users can wirelessly share up to 10 live streams of data so that local and remote team members are all on the same page, maximizing teamwork.


Cisco First Experience | Mezzanine Multi-Share


Oblong Helps the Cal Poly's California Cybersecurity Institute Do Meetings Better


Mezzanine + Cisco Webex | Demo

Mezzanine demo recorded at Cisco Live 2019

Mezzanine + Webex

Experience a new meeting dynamic with seamless workstream integration.

Technology Overview


Meeting Workflow with Oblong's Mezzanine


Mezzanine: True Visual Collaboration for the Enterprise

Learn how Mezzanine can improve workforce engagement, workplace productivity, and data-driven decision making through true visual collaboration.

Vision & Scale: Construction Visualization Lab at Auburn University

The Mezzanine system in the Construction Visualization Lab at Auburn University’s College of Architecture, Design and Construction provides students and faculty the context and scale for exploring large scale projects and the complex processes that bring architectural plans to life.

Mezzanine Onstage at IBM Connect: The New Platform for Advanced Collaboration


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