When Worlds Combine: How Creatives Meet Geeks

Team Oblong

We were honored to be selected by the Orange Institute global think tank as the final stop on their California tour of innovative companies shaping and defining today’s and tomorrow’s digital landscape.

“When worlds combine: how Creatives meet Geeks” was the theme for a whirlwind week-long trip through Silicon Valley and Los Angeles for more than 40 global business leaders and VIPs with stops that included stops at Twitter, YouTube, General Assembly and Autodesk

In proper form and hewing to the theme, we welcomed our guests to Oblong Industries with a bit of a genesis story in the form of 5D founder Alex McDowell, production designer of the film “Minority Report” and our own chief scientist, John Underkoffler, the technology visionary for the very same film.  Alex talked about prototyping the world, and John traced the fiction and science of Minority Report to the present, landing right at Mezzanine™, our collaborative conference room solution. It’s noted for bringing Minority Report flash to the workplace - with much more tangible result

Guests experienced live demos of our foundational work in the spatial operating environment and SDK for creative coders—including donning the gloves for g-speak—but it was Mezzanine that dazzled.  We connected Mezzanine-to-Mezzanine with our Barcelona office and shared high resolution content and data across a triptych of screens, over a virtual private network, which staff in both cities could organize and control. The utility of such a collaboration system was immediately evident. Who wouldn’t want that for their own global organization? 

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