UC EXPO 2018 Welcomes Oblong Keynote

Jen Üner

Our own Mary Ann de Lares Norris, VP EMEA, will take part in UC EXPO, the largest Unified Communications and Collaboration event in Europe on May 17 with a keynote titled Shaping the Digital Workplace: the Importance of Collaboration for Industry 4.0.

UC EXPO, a two-day event which takes place on the 16 and 17th May at ExCel London, is aimed at enterprises looking to find out how the latest unified communications can drive and support their business. The event showcases senior level insights from across the industry. 

The Oblong Keynote, which UC Today places on their top 5 list of things to see at UC EXPO, will focus on the importance of collaboration for Industry 4.0. Speaker Mary Ann de Lares Norris will address how the profound digital transformation that is taking place globally is requiring enterprises to reconsider how they align their workforce to support the structural changes to the business environment.

As big business embarks on the era of Industry 4.0, enterprises must be ready to adapt in order to become Factories of the Future. This means embracing high-tech strategies, characterized by adaptability, innovation, resource efficiency and seamless collaboration, which can meet the challenges of a distributed workforce and create value. In my talk, I’ll explore the importance of collaboration for Industry 4.0 and discuss how it’s shaping the digital workplace. I’m looking forward to sharing my ideas at this year’s UC EXPO 2018, which looks set to be an exciting and engaging event for all those interested in the future of work. - Mary Ann de Lares Norris, VP EMEA

In her talk, Mary Ann will be sharing not only industry insights but also Oblong customer stories—illustrating the business value of collaboration in today’s enterprise environment. Oblong’s innovative Mezzanine platform creates a common digital workspace where teams can share content and ideas, accelerate decision-making, and collaborate more effectively. Mezzanine creates a visually immersive meeting environment for collaborators, which powers content distribution across multiple screens in a single space and in connected spaces. The dynamic multi-screen workspace commands attention, and real-time content-sharing from multiple sources makes complex data accessible to all, so that team members can make better decisions together. 

The 2018 UC EXPO event will bring together 6,000 ICT professionals, 100 specialist suppliers and world class exclusive education through 100 free to attend seminars. With two days of presentations, seminars and panel debates from industry leaders, Mary Ann de Lares Norris joins the roster of over 100 inspirational speakers. 

UC EXPO 2018 takes place on 16-17 May 2018 at ExCeL London. Registration for Mary Ann’s keynote session is free and can be booked via the event website www.ucexpo.co.uk. The session will take place on Thursday 17th May 11:40 to 12:10 in the Keynote Theatre.  

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