It's Time for a New UI

Team Oblong

Here at Oblong, we’ve long been demanding, and creating, a new human-machine interface built with collaboration in mind, and recently gave our very own John Underkoffler an opportunity to explain why it’s so important to do so. “It’s time,” he declares. John points to the fact that the original keyboard-mouse-GUI screen scenario invented more than 30 years ago is woefully inadequate compared to where we should be in by now in servicing the collaborative computing needs of humans in the workplace. “The world… and its problems… demand more sophisticated thinking, tools, and patterns of work,” he argued. “We humans have always been capable of infinitely more than that primordial Mac UI lets us express.”

Underkoffler points to the need for greater levels of collaboration between workers, and the desirability of expanding into “extended pixel spaces, in which screens and displays turn corners to fill several walls while also interoperating with personal device displays.” Underkoffler delivers a powerful call to arms. “New UI is a universal revolution,” he said. “The time is now.”

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