The Street Believes Mezzanine is the Future of the Workplace

Team Oblong

TheStreet’s Rhonda Schaffler stopped by our NYC office recently to see how science fiction has become reality for global innovators. She reports that our technology is taking over corporate board rooms to provide businesses with a modern canvas that allows executives to simultaneously display images and video from multiple devices in the room, in connected rooms, and from remote collaborators. This 360-degree immersion technology uses architectural space for a working environment that gives everyone equal access to control and contribute to the shared workspace from their own computers, tablets, and smart phones. This unique gesture-enabled enterprise solution uses human-centered design principals to provide an exhilarating and productive work experience for firms such as IBM, Boing and GE. if it looks a bit like “Minority Report” that is no accident; our founder & CEO John Underkoffler consulted on the film and has advised other Hollywood filmmakers on what the future of human-computer interface will look like.  Not only is the 2016 version of the 2054 technology already here, the need for this kind of computing power now is clear: when we can surround ourselves in the essential real-time information vital to running our business (Infopresence) we’ll make better decisions, faster.

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