The Today Programme on BBC Morning Radio Tackles Data Privacy

Jen Üner

The Today Programme on BBC Radio 4 is London’s favorite morning rush hour radio show and amongst the BBC’s highest rated programs across its radio networks.

With an average weekly listening audience around 7 million, we were delighted that our CEO John Underkoffler was invited to participate in a live on-air discussion about data privacy. As chief science advisor to the2002 film Minority Report, he helped envision and predict a future world where,50+ years on, we’d have highly personalized advertising surrounding us. Of course that’s already here with the online giants like Facebook and Google who use your online behavior to target messages by eager advertisers interested in capturing your attention and converting your status from prospect to customer.

With former UK deputy prime minister Nick Clegg taking on anew role as chief communications officer for Facebook in the UK, BBC Radio 4took the opportunity to bring together our own Dr. John Underkoffler and Dr.Victoria Baines, a cyber security advisor and former trust and safety manager for Facebook in EMEA, to talk about the issues and opportunities related to the current online advertising models and personal data privacy. Bottom line: it is conceivable that new UIs could provide better transparency to the commerce happening behind the scenes of ad targeting, and could also empower users to exert better control over their own data sets. Where there is a will there is away.

Have a listen!

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