Telepresence Options Confirm Mezzanine's Unique Capabilities for Collaboration

Team Oblong

Telepresence Options has tracked developments in the telepresence marketplace for more than five years. Fidelity of video and voice have been key drivers in telepresence technology until the arrival of Mezzanine™ which extends the focus to include fidelity of content, information and shared applications. We call this Infopresence™. It's our belief that in truly collaborative environments, it's the information that is the point of the conversation and it needs to be present and readily available. Further, everyone participating in an Infopresence session needs to be able to contribute content from his or her own laptop or mobile device, because collaboration is not a one-way conversation. Telepresence environments simply don't deliver this same utility or "information democracy" for distributed teams. We think this is among the reasons we had a very good year in 2013. 

We look forward to bringing the power of Mezzanine to more people in 2014 through our expanding list of regional offices (Chicago coming soon) and growing partnerships with AVI SPL, IVCI and more. Schedule a demo for yourself, to experience Mezzanine first hand.

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