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Do you find your work restricted because teams cannot effectively communicate across office locations, devices, and screens? Do you find yourself wishing you could easily share information with colleagues? Even with new technologies like screen-sharing, seamless collaboration is still severely challenged. Document sharing options are awkward, untimely, or both. You find yourself turning your laptop around hoping everyone can see, switching dongles, emailing documents back and forth, or having to "pass the ball" to share documents online. 

At Oblong, we know it can be frustrating to have the newest devices at your fingertips with no easy way to share information between them. This is especially challenging in meetings when you really need to get work done. This is why we created Mezzanine™. Mezzanine is a collaborative conference room solution that makes it easy for teams to share any content, from any device with anyone, anywhere. Its unique technology solves collaboration challenges for teams by creating a unified work session to share information from multiple devices across multiple screens. It provides the opportunity to reach through and edit information in applications on the fly. It goes beyond screen sharing and video conferencing to empower each team member to be a first-class contributor to the work at hand. 

Mezzanine empowers teams to work seamlessly together in real time. With instant, easy access to information, Mezzanine removes roadblocks to decision making and enables teams to fluidly collaborate. The days of frustrating, unproductive, boring meetings are in the past. Once you experience Mezzanine, you’ll want to use it for all of your meetings. Learn more about how Mezzanine supports next-generation work processes or schedule a demo in one of our eight demo facilities.

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