6 Essential Things Your Current Conference Room Doesn't Do

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If you’re like most people, you spend at least half your day in meetings. Likely, you’re assembling with others in a room that has a white board, a speakerphone, a large presentation screen to plug into, and perhaps some video conferencing capability. Almost always, there are documents, charts, slides, images, and videos to share, probably by multiple people in the meeting.  Whatever the technology you use, if you don’t have Mezzanine, your room won’t do these things:

1. Facilitate flow

You are a subject matter expert in your organization, and your co-workers equally have expertise in their domain. Together you’re tasked with driving the project and the business forward. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone could simply share their content on the screens at the same time so you could all see it, compare it, talk about it? With Mezzanine, plugging in and sharing wirelessly is seamless, allowing the conversation, content and collaboration to adapt as ideas come up.

2. Help you make a point dynamically

What if you could scale, layer, move, and resize multiple pieces of content from multiple sources to help you illustrate your discussion point dynamically? What if you could access the content someone ELSE put up on the screen and do the same thing – bring it to the front of attention – just with the wave of a wand? You can do this with Mezzanine.

3. Give you a large elastic canvas

The Mezzanine triptych of screens provides lots of pixel space for lots of content, and with digital corkboards on the adjoining wall you can easily drag and drop content, highlight outtakes, and post agendas. This is not just single screen sharing, it’s a multi-screen digital workspace that flexes to the needs of the team.

4. Capture thoughts in the moment

Can your current A/V system capture an image of the brainstorm on the white board, mark up a slide, pull a photo from the web, or upload a photo from your iPhone? Mezzanine does all of this, plus let’s you store all of your content into an asset archive for later reference.

5. Connect a bunch of applications and remote participants all at once

The CEO is in Aspen, your team is at HQ, and the sales VP is in the field this week. You need to connect everyone (on different devices) to review and compare information pulled from three different information platforms: a cloud-based server application PLUS field notes PLUS an excel spreadsheet. Using Mezzanine, all the team members can join the session, share their content, interact with it, and come to decisions quickly. Mezzanine—it’s not just Bring Your Own Device, it’s Bring Your Own Content. Wherever you are.

6. Pick up next week where you left off

Mezzanine provides an opportunity to store all the slide images, white board snapshots, iPhone contributions, notes, and browser screen captures into a single file so you can pick up where you left off. Not finished with your material at the end your weekly status reports, touch base meetings, or scrums? No problem. With Mezzanine, simply pick up where you left off. No fuss. No hassle. 

If you’re ready to experience the next-generation digital workspace, schedule a demo in LA, NY, Boston, Barcelona, Chicago, Washington DC, Boulder or Menlo Park. And be sure to read what Forrester analyst JP Gownder had to say about Mezzanine. It’s finally possible to transform that boardroom (bored room?) from static and stifling to dynamic and fantastic.

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