Reflecting on The Mission

Team Oblong

January is a good month for introspection and planning, and to reflect upon our mission:

The expression of this statement can be vividly seen in what we build. Take our flagship product, Mezzanine, for example. Mezzanine provides to the world a new way of harnessing the power of computation, transforming meetings from serial “broadcasts” to truly collaborative working sessions. Participants are empowered to collaborate with any application on any device they bring to a meeting. This new way of meeting creates value for our customers, allowing them to leverage all available “horsepower” of participants and devices to accomplish much more in a working session than ever before. 

 Mezzanine’s lasting value—or durable worth—is engendered by changing the design and concept of how we meet and work together. This change, this boost in productivity, is valuable today and will continue to deliver value for years to come. 

Perhaps most importantly, Mezzanine puts the human user first. We, as humans, are open systems; we continuously interact with our environment—spatially, gesturally, and visually. A Mezzanine room is “spatially active”; you interact with it gesturally, making assets from all your devices and applications immediately visible and actionable. By reflecting how we “interoperate” with the world, a new level of conversation and collaboration fluidity is created. 

And, finally, what we build should be both beautiful and exhilarating. Living proof that we’re living up to our mission is when people walk away from their first Mezzanine experience and say, “Wow.” We feel fortunate that most people do. 

If you haven’t yet felt the magic that is Mezzanine, send an email to to schedule a demo.

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