PwC Incorporates Mezzanine for Their Delta Room

Team Oblong

When designing computational systems at Oblong, we consider all the technology and people that inhabit a space. In a typical workspace or conference room, there may be several shared displays, laptops, mobile devices, cameras, input devices, servers, and, of course, people. Our spatial operating environment, g-speak™, makes it possible to construct meaningful relationships between the devices, displays, and people that share a physical space.

Global auditing and consulting group PwC launched Oblong's Mezzanine in their new collaborative workspace, the Delta Room. As part of the company's 'Innovation powered by PwC program,' PwC is incorporating the Delta Room into their Neuilly-Sur-Seine offices located in Paris. Here, Mezzanine's immersive collaboration experience—known as Infopresence—will push the company's innovation and allow it to anticipate future business trends for their customers. 

Bernard Gainnier, PwC France and Francophone Africa Chairman, explains why collaboration is key to ensuring the group remains on top:  

“Much more than just a high-tech meeting room, PwC’s Delta Room contributes to offering to our clients a global service covering everything from strategy setting to implementation with a unique user experience. Creativity is becoming a very important component of the audit and consulting profession."

The Delta Room is the perfect tool for collaboration and creativity. With the integration of Mezzanine, PwC's Delta Room is a truly captivating and productive workspace.

Download and read the full press release here.

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